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Custom Rear Window Graphic Sizes

Small - 56"w x 18"h - Best fit for compact truck rear window decals

Medium - 66"w x 20"h - Best fit for standard truck rear window graphics

Large - 66"w x 24"h - Best fit for large truck back window decals

X-Large - 66"w x 30"h - Best fit for SUV back window graphics

XX-Large- 66"w x 38"h - Best fit for car rear window film

*Please measure your window and select a size that allows for a couple of extra inches around the edge,

  These are self-stick, and when you apply the see-through vinyl Graphic to your back window, 

you simply trim the excess material around the edges with a blade for a clean custom look,

  Keep in mind that you will be trimming away excess material around the edges,  

 so keep your design a safe distance from the borders of the design.

E-mail or call 937-587-2028